Toàn Quốc Fluke BT510 – Phân tích kiểm tra ac quy Fluke BT510

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    Phân tích kiểm tra ac quy Fluke BT510
    Fluke BT510 Pin Analyzer

    Phân tích kiểm tra ac quy Fluke BT510

    Thông số kỹ thuật Phân tích kiểm tra ac quy Fluke BT510:
    Battery resistance13 mΩ0.001 mΩ1% + 8

    30 mΩ0.01 mΩ0.8% + 6

    300 mΩ0.1 mΩ0.8% + 6

    3000 mΩ1 mΩ0.8% + 6

    VDC6 V0.001 V0.09% + 5

    60 V0.01 V0.09% + 5

    600 V0.1 V0.09% + 5

    1000 V1 V0.09% + 5

    VAC (45 Hz to 500 Hz with 800 Hz filter)600 V0.1 V2% + 10

    Frequency (displayed with VAC and AAC)2500 Hz0.1 Hz0.5% + 8

    AC voltage ripple (20 KHz Max)600 mV0.1 mV3% + 20

    6000 mV1 mV3% + 10

    ADC/AAC (with accessory Fluke i410)400 A1 A3.5% + 2

    Temperature0°C to 60°C1°C2°C (4°F)

    Meter mode999 records for each measurement position with time stamp
    Sequence modeUp to 100 profiles and 100 profile templates (Each profile stores up to 450 batteries) with time stamp
    Measurement ModesBT510BT520BT521
    Resistance (mΩ)

    Battery voltage

    Voltage DC

    Voltage AC and frequency (Hz)

    Ripple volt

    Temperature of negative battery post

    DC and AC current (and frequency)

    DMM mode

    Sequence mode

    Discharge measurement mode

    Automatic measurement save

    Wireless commumcation

    Memory view

    Dụng cụ kiểm tra ắc quy Fluke BT510 cung cấp bao gồm:

    • Battery analyzer
    • 4-wire test pin (set)
    • BTL10 Basic Test Lead (set)
    • TL175 TwistGuard™ Test Leads with adapter
    • BP500 lithium-ion battery
    • BC500 AC charger
    • mini-USB cable
    • Shoulder strap
    • Belt strap
    • Magnetic hanging strap
    • FlukeView® Battery Management Software
    • Soft carrying case
    • Spare fuses (2)

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