Toàn Quốc House for residence or office for rent in Dien Bien Phu str

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    House for rent in Ho Chi Minh city
    • Type of Property: House, Pro.
    • Code: 632,
    • Bedroom: 4,
    • Bathroom: 5

    Usable area: 300 m2,
    urnished: Yes, Rental/m: 1,500 USD

    House for rent in Dien Bien Phu str in district 3. Land area: 4x 25, usable: 300sqm. 1 ground floor and 3 floors: 1 large livingroom, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen, garage, front yard. Full facilities. Basic furniture. Bright and spacious. Safe area. 5 minutes to district 1. Near supermaket, airport...Area of many offices. Suitable for residence or office. Rental/month: 1500USD.

    The term: 2 year lease. Two months for deposit and one month pay in advance.
    We have many properties in Ho Chi Minh city . Please not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you

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