Toàn Quốc hydroponic lettuce

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    water enriched with minerals. First vegetables which we grow hydroponic cultivation way was onion. I think most of us know that in order to stem flowers Published root it should be immersed in water. Most of the times that is used in hydroponics plant Published roots. He then placed into the soil and drainage. This method is used for more than the cultivation of plant propagation. Hydroponics is well-suited to grow lettuce. Open systems mineral solution circulates constantly, so the lettuce nutrient solution is fed food aid. As the salad gets it directly what they need and easily absorbed form roots that are much lower than for them on earth. Salads grew up in a shorter time than in the soil. They seem brighter, healthier, is not desiccated, yellowing of the leaf. Hydroponic lettuce keeps longer, with the roots attached. This salad, which is a healthy, tasty and beneficial for our body. 42901

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