Toàn Quốc internal memory of this device is of 512MB

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    Whiteperfect D8
    Description_250 "Miitomo" will be a free to play game that contain add-ons paid with real money, while the other four mobile games will be paid apps. Smartphone POS offers big advantages with low-cost and high safety especially due to the presence of cloud storage. The device also provides access to the internet at higher speeds.
    Whiteperfect D1
    Description_450 Although it is advisable to download files only from trusted sites there may come a point in time when the users get temped to do otherwise. Its 1400m - Ah lithium-ion battery life is quite short with a rated talk time of 6 hours and standby time of 13. Seperti layaknya ponsel musik , Black - Berry Style 9670 ini juga dilengkapi berbagai fitur komunikasi dan kemampuan multi media lainnya.
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