Toàn Quốc La Famiglia Company Limited (Khai trương quý 3/2015) tuyển nhiều vị trí

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    La Famiglia is an F&B company specializing in contemporary gastronomy and unique dining experiences. Backed by a private investment firm with offices in Malaysia and Vietnam, La Famiglia is becoming a multi-concept operator of leading lifestyle hospitality brands and F&B concepts across South East Asia. We are scouting for intelligent, personable and well – spoken people to join the City’s new elite team of Brand Ambassadors. Are you looking for job opportunity or career advancement in ...

    Quy mô công ty : Khác

    Vị trí tuyển dụng :

    Head Bartender



    Captain Server



    Store Accountant


    Sous Chef

    Chef De Partie



    Địa chỉ : District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Lương: Tùy theo năng lực; Thương theo hiệu suất làm việc

    Thông tin liên hệ : or 8 3822 6838

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