Toàn Quốc Nice and cheap house for rent in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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    More description:

    A modern & beautiful house for rent in Le Van Luong Street, Nha Be District, 5x17m (120m2 with 1 storey), 3 bedrooms, 4 WC with solar energy water heater, small garden, small bar, near Korean/ International School, restaurants, near Nha Be/FV hospital, Vivo City Shopping Mall, Crescents Mall, Lotte Mart, in a quiet and friendly residence area with fresh air and car-accessible roads.

    Amenities: (house for rent in ho chi minh city)

    - Furniture: fully furnished with sofa, dining table, beds, desk, television, air-conditioner, refrigerator, hot water, washing machine,...

    - Cable Television

    - Balcony/ window

    - Shower/bathtub

    - Small front-yard

    - Near school, hospital, shopping center, restaurant

    Please contact us for more information!

    For more options, please check: Apartment for rent in District 7 hcmc

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