Toàn Quốc Serviced Apartment For Rent In District 1

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    – The apartment has been designed for maximum space and so features separate bedrooms, lounge/dining areas, and fully equipped kitchen. It features TV, satellite, and high-speed internet access as standard.

    Residents will experience an ambiance of serenity and privacy nurtured by the attentive yet unobtrusive staff. Walk to Ben Thanh Market, Opera Theater, Notre Dame Church and close proximity to numerous concert venues, some of the top restaurants / bars and shopping malls in the city.

    District 1 is the central urban district of HCM City, the busiest district in the city with the highest living standards. It is considered the financial centre of Saigon and Vietnam.

    All of the consulates, foreign embassy offices or governmental offices from other countries choose to locate here. Visitors can reach these offices within walking distances or 5 to 10 minutes drive if they would like to do their visas, passports or temporary immigration documents.

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