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    Sofitel Saigon Plaza is located on peaceful tree-lined Le Duan Boulevard just a moment from the city commercial centre with its fabulous shopping dining and landmark attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace. Newly renovated rooms and suites offer guests contemporary 5-star hotel style with a blend of modern French design and Vietnamese influences. Each room features spacious elegance while the Imperial Suite is the largest in Saigon. Situated in the business district ...
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    Cần tuyển:
    Trợ lý quản lý Bar - Assistant Bar Manager


    Lobby Attendant

    Night auditor (Nam NV lễ tân ca đêm)

    Thông tin liên hệ và Nộp hồ sơ: http://hoteljob.vn/Home/Gian-hang/default/607/trang-chu.aspx

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