Toàn Quốc The apartment that has two empty bedrooms: price 700 - 1000 USD

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    We have many apartment for rent in ho chi minh city

    1. The apartment that has two empty bedrooms: price 700 - 1000 USD.
    2. The apartment that has two furniture bedrooms: price from 900-1300 USD (Depending on interior value).
    3. The apartment that has three empty bedrooms: price 850 - 1300 USD.
    4. The apartment that has three furniture bedrooms: price from 1250-2000 USD

    The cost of management will be free.
    Thao Dien Pearl with full amenities such as:
    - The commercial center.
    - Service area: 5,800 m2, with special 10mx50m infinity pool overlooks the Saigon River Thao Dien Village gorgeous.
    - The living quarters alternating landscape.
    - Community living room at ground floor and the service floor.
    - Gym with International Standards + Locker area - shower with a steam room and dry sauna.
    - Nursery, children's playground and outdoors, indoor with international standards.
    - The automatic washing machine drying area.
    - Professional security forces according to international standards and the 24/24-control systems area.

    The kind of apartment for rent in District 2 hcmc:

    - 2 bedrooms: 92m2, 95m2, 102m2, 110m2, 119m2
    - 3 bedrooms: 127m2, 130m2, 132m2
    - Duplex: 16 apartment pool & garden

    The position of Thao Dien Pearl is very particular: located at the gateway of the Thao Dien ward (District 2) high-end residential and is the eastern gate of the inner city (Ho Chi Minh City), where is the intersection of major roads of District 2.

    It connecting the eastern gate of the inner city, Ho Chi Minh City, where the intersection between roads major arterial and economic development of the District 2.

    In the future, when Saigon 2 Bridge and Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien completed, Thao Dien Pearl will be one of the destinations, which attract people to visit and go shopping.

    In particular, Thao Dien Ward is the area that residents are very interesting; because this is the area where focus many foreigners to live, with housing wealth gives residents the true values of life, convenience, a clean environment and modern living.

    Advantages in connecting communities around the area, Thao Dien Pearl will bring more efficiency to commercial investors.

    With five-minute taxi only, you are already present in the city center. You are unable to hide away the excuses meeting friends because your friends will instantly make your apartment at Thao Dien Pearl is the destination.

    A tall space with harmonious combination of luxury villas space exists, a green view with trees and rivers surrounding. A place with full amenities, conveniently to shopping, high-speed rail line, near the main traffic routes ... A class living - Thao Dien Pearl. Discover!

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