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    Vietnam pottery have many diverse occupations to survive and live, there are those who choose to live but there are vocational profession to bring high efficiency including pottery
    Pottery industry has brought high-income economy where people are increasingly day.Nghe developed ceramic high, the European market is developing ceramic line favored by Vietnam With skillful hands of artisans pottery has created various designs rich size, color harmony, the consumers choose according to their preferences.
    Vietnamese pottery are famous since the 18th century, ceramic line is divided by the period cap.gom very proud to be Vietnamese baked clay pottery, Vietnam only new pottery ceramics Most of the exquisitely designed with the style nice design, with subtle effects to portray, with the enthusiasm of the potter.
    Vietnamese ceramics put themselves into the European countries to assert themselves in the market by the European Ceramic line received enthusiastic, to say to the line where ceramic cycle, this is the famous ceramics from the 18th century and ceramics there were no competitors

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