Tòa nhà Rose Garden tuyển Sales Executive

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    Sơ lược về công ty :

    Giang Vo Development Co., LTD is a Joint-Venture between Joint Stock Company THT and Hanoi Transportation Corparation. Our Company is the Owner of the fully serviced apartment building named ROSE GARDEN RESIDENCES. Rose Garden Residences consist of 17 stories with a total of 96 apartments of international standard and 2500m2 of office for lease. ROSE GARDEN RESIDENCES possesses a client base largely made up of foreign residents, providing professional services under international standards
    Quy mô công ty : 25 - 99
    Chi tiết công việc
    Chức danh : Tuyển Sales Executive
    Nội dung tuyển dụng :


    · To make plan for sales strategy and implement tactics to achieve budget under the instruction of Sales Manager.

    · To establish contact with new businesses and maintain relationship with existing companies by detailed action plans.

    · To handle accounts/prospects by coordinating with other departments.

    · To make accquaintance of visitors and conduct Building tour.

    · To maintain a regular contact between Sales Officer and clients.

    · To control competition and sales strategy.

    · To sustain business and boost further sales based on existing key accounts of the Building.

    · To make report on sales activities.

    · To maintain regular contact with ICHG regional network of hotels and reservation center.

    · To build up hotel profiles in market.

    · To assist Sales Manager in distributing and sending direct mails.

    · To develop and maintain relation with business generators, convention planners, Visitors/Convention Bureau travel agents, tour operators, airlines, corporate accounts, Government Departments and other buisinesses related to Hotel Business.

    · To ensure a safe working place/hotel for guests, visitors and employees by coordinating with IHG and local Government.

    · To perform other duties assigned by superiors.


    · Diploma or Vocational Certificate in Sales & Marketing, Hotel Management, Business Administration, or related field is required.

    · Minimum 1 year working experience as Sales Executive.

    · Good communication skills (written and verbal) in both Vietnamese and English.

    · Ability to interact with guests, employees and third parties related to area in hospitality industy.

    · Problem solving skill and ability tomaster Microsoft Office.

    Một số vị trí đang tuyển dụng:

    1. Front Desk Attendant
    2. Doorman/ Nhân viên đón khách

    Thông tin chi tiết & Nộp hồ sơ: http://hoteljob.vn/Home/Gian-hang/default/9628/trang-chu.aspx

    Website đối tác:

    http://vitradi.com/vn - Cẩm nang du lịch Việt Nam

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