Toàn Quốc Villa for rent is placed in Thao Dien Residence

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    Location: Thao Dien Residence, district 2, HCMC

    Rental: US$ 1300/month (please call our Hotline for updated rent)

    Total area: 100m2

    Structure: 1 ground floor, 1 floor

    Bedroom: 4


    • TV cable
    • Internet connection
    • Landline
    • Water & Electricity
    • Swimming pool
    • Fully-furnished

    Villa for rent in ho chi minh city – This stunning villa is placed in Thao Dien Residence which is a tranquil and intellectual. Tenants will definitely receive all the best services provided as well as enjoy the perfect atmosphere created by the green environment. Furthermore, the location of the villa is very convenient for tenants to reach city center as well as districts nearby.

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